Claudio Pinto. Training in BGS.

“My name is Claudio Pinto and I am a Portuguese professional squash player.
At this moment I am simultaneously finishing my academic activities in Porto, Portugal and striving every day to improve my squash.
In this sense, I recently went to Barcelona to train with Víctor Montserrat at BGS and after an intense and super professional week of squash, I was immediately convinced that my future in the short term means working with him.
Professionalism, super effective method, motivator and a contagious passion for squash, are more than enough reasons to convince everyone.”


Portuguese Men’s Nº 1. 222 PSA.

Tess Jutte. Training in BGS.

“Training in Barcelona. I am from the Netherlands and have been training fulltime with Víctor Montserrat in Barcelona since April 2015. For me this is the perfect combination to train fulltime and learn Spanish at the same time. In the last few months, my squash has improved a lot and I have become much fitter.
I hope to keep Barcelona as my training base for a much longer period. I have private lessons with Victor, physical training, and train together with professionals.”

TESS JUTTE (1997).
Ranking: Nº1 U19 Holland.

NILO VIDAL. Training in BGS.

“My name is Nilo Vidal, I am the Spanish U19 Champion. However, when I first started training with Victor I had a mental block which stopped me from improving and advancing in my game; no sooner did I start training with Victor, than it disappeared.
Victor motivates you, he teaches you how to play, and what is more important, he lives intensively every moment of his coaching. I am very happy training with him, he’s a great coach, and he teaches you what playing squash is all about.”

NILO VIDAL (1998).
Ranking: Spanish Nº1 U19.

IKER PAJARES. Training in BGS.

“The right person at the right moment. Thanks to Victor I was able to make that big step to become a professional and to be able to play against the best players on the world circuit. What I most value about Victor’s work is his enormous passion for this sport”.

Ranking: Pro Player PSA 119 (2016-Jan).


I have been training with Víctor Montserrat for 2 years now and my progress has been considerable. I believe his training methods can be considered as some of the best around. His passion for squash is very infectious and in addition to that, his personal attention is such that we not only have a professional player-trainer relationship but also one of being close friends.

Ranking: PSA 129 (2016 -Jan.).
BGS Assistant Coach.

SOFÍA MATEOS. Training in BGS.

My name is Sofía, I am 14 years old and have been training with Victor Montserrat since I was 12. Since I started my training with Victor, both the technical as well as the psychological aspects of my game and approach have improved, and this has helped me achieve my short term objectives; day by day I feel that I am one step nearer my dreams to be a professional player.

Ranking: U15 Runner-up Spanish Open 2015.

BERNAT JAUME. Training in BGS.

“During the last 2 years, in addition to helping me to improve many different aspects of my game, whether that be technical, tactical, physical or mental, Víctor Montserrat, undoubtedly the best coach in Spain and one of the best in the world, has for me been much more than just a coach, he has been someone I can trust in, someone to follow as a role model, someone who teaches you to be a profesional and to be 100% disciplined in what you do, which I believe is the key to success.”

Ranking: PSA 156 (2016 -Jan.).