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21st January 2019


Along with a player from Princeton, Álvaro García from Peru joined the BGS Performance Academy for a personalised performance-focused program.

The Princeton player plays on the men’s Varsity Squash team and decided to spend his 2018 Christmas holiday break training at BGS.

Getting to know this player.

BGS: Hi, originally from India but a player on the men’s roster at Princeton University, tell us about your experience so far as you’ve transitioned from junior squash in India to college squash in the US. Has the experience come upto expectations and have you seen changes in college squash while you’ve been at Princeton? What is your major at Princeton?Barcelona_Global_Squash_Performance_Academy_BGS _NEWS_ADHITYA_RAGHAVAN_TESTIMONIALS_POST-modified_PLAYER_NOW_AT_PRINCETON_STUDY_ABROAD_MOD - copia



“I am a junior studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I play in the top spots for the Princeton team and the transition has been great with the support of the squash team and the coaching facility.”

BGS: What’s your earliest sporting memory?

“My earliest fond memory is playing squash at the Indian squash academy and being able to hit 20 consecutive lengths for the first time. It seemed like the biggest achievement at that point in my life.”

BGS: Are you a big fan of other sports? Do you have any sporting heroes outside of squash?

“Yes, I do really like playing all kinds of sports, football, basketball, and cricket. I really admire Roger Federer and Michael Phelps for the dominance they have established as undisputed legends.”

BGS: Tell us what the toughest part of your college sporting life has been so far?

“I think it is balancing academics and squash, especially when we have exams.”

Álvaro García from Peru.
Álvaro García from Peru.

Alvaro is from Peru. He is studying at the University of Piura and is in his third year. He decided to come to Barcelona during the four months of his exchange program to be able to train at the BGS Performance Academy doing a Personalised Program.

A brief overview of squash in Peru.

BGS: I imagine squash in Peru is still a relatively minority sport but for sure it’s footprint is now bigger than ever before with the success of fellow Peruvian international and present PSA WR # 11 Die

go Elias. Tell us about the health of squash in Peru and it’s potential as squash’s footprint in South America countries grows.

“As in many countries, squash in Peru is not the biggest sport; however having an athlete like Diego is definitely helping the sport to grow and be better known around the country and also in South America as a whole. In fact our national team is one of the best in South America.”

Both players talked with BGS after their respective programs:

Why a Personalised Program in BGS and Barcelona?

BGS: How did you find out about BGS and why did you choose BGS as a destination for a winter training personalised program this 2018 Christmas during your break from studies at Princeton?

“I actually found out about the program for the first time through you when I was a junior and then we met at the CSA Team Nationals. I decided to come as I felt it was a very unique opportunity to get a taste of pro squash training.”

BGS: Álvaro, I believe you are a student at the University of Piura studying Business Administration. Tell us how found you out about BGS and how your current study program has allowed you to train in BGS for the last 4 months.

“Yes. I study at the University of Piura.  I’m in my third year studying business and I had the opportunity to do an exchange. I took advantage of that and decided to come to Barcelona because I knew there was a very good squash academy.  I actually found out about BGS through social media and because around 3 years ago I was invited to come to one of their junior summer camps;  I couldn’t come at that time but since then I’ve always been interested in the academy.”




How do you rate your training experience during your Personalised Program in BGS?

BGS: Having now completed your program in BGS and training with professional players, what aspects do you most value and take back with you to Princeton? .

“I have taken away 2 things – How to be demanding (Head Coach Victor Montserrat’s favourite word) and be professional in all aspects of my life.”

BGS: Álvaro, what do take back with you to Peru after these 4 months in BGS?  What aspects of BGS have you found useful and different from your training experiences back in Peru or elsewhere?

“Training in BGS was very helpful for my squash in many aspects. I would say I learned a lot in my fitness sessions.  I arrived in Barcelona with some problems in my knee but the S&C Head Coach Bet Consegal helped me to get better very quickly and be able to train at 100%. From the squash perspective, the sessions were very intense and demanding; I learned a lot from the other academy players, many of them professionals and very friendly and who I now consider my friends.”

Álvaro and BGS Head Coach Víctor Montserrat.
Álvaro and BGS Head Coach Víctor Montserrat.


Looking ahead

BGS: Tell us about your aspirations and ambitions for the future after Princeton.

“I want to be an entrepreneur and hopefully get into the Top 50 in the PSA World Rankings.”

BGS: I believe you have been chosen for the national team for the Pan American Games to be staged this year in Lima. Tell us about your aspirations and objectives within squash after this 4 month experience of training IN a professional environment and WITH professionals.

“I was preselected for the Pan Am games in Peru but unfortunately I am not finally a part of the team this time. I will keep training hard and try to get into the next tournament. I feel very motivated with all the knowledge I acquired in BGS during these last 4 months. Concerning my objectives in squash, I would like to start playing PSA this year while I keep studying in Perú. After finishing my degree I am considering playing squash full time to see how high I can get in the PSA ranking.”

Barcelona City.

BGS: Finally, what about your impressions of Barcelona as a city and how it compares to life on Princeton campus?

“Absolutely loved the city, it made a big difference in my experience.”

And finally Álvaro, what are your impressions of Barcelona? As a Spanish speaker I imagine you have found it relatively easy to get to know it’s people and the city itself.

“Living these 4 months in Barcelona was amazing, I really liked the city, it has everything and the people are very friendly. The language was perfect for me, I found it very easy to meet people and I made very good friends at the academy.”

Barcelona City: Fuente Mágica de Montjuic.
Barcelona City: Fuente Mágica de Montjuic.

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