BGS 2016 International Summer Squash Camp. Week 1.

15th July 2016

BGS 2016 Week 1: International Summer Squash Camp. Barcelona Global Squash Academy has completed the first week of its first International Summer Camp. Seven days full of nerves and novelties for everyone. Long, intensive days squash and fitness training, opportunities to get to know new players, trips to see and discover Barcelona and its surroundings and to enjoy this wonderful city that offers: sun, beaches, fun, culture…

Photo: Members of the Campus on the first day of the second week. Missing from the image, Edmon Lopez, injured, Dani Pascual, on his day off and Cris Santamaria, taking the picture.

BGS 2016 Week 1. Day By Day.

Here’s how events have taken place during each and all of these 7 days.

BGS 2016 Week 1. DAY 1. Arrivals and accommodation.

We start on Sunday 3th of July just before 8am at the El Prat airport picking up players who will be here with us in BGS during the three-week camp. From as far away as Philadelphia, New York, Shanghai, and from different parts of Spain, Holland and more … Players arrive one by one and are taken to the Residence La Salle so they can settle into the rooms which will be their home for their three week stay; a brand new student residence located in the well-to-do neighbourhood of Bonanova, chosen this year as our accommodation centre for players and for all the group coaches and monitors. Lunch at a restaurant in town and dinner together in the residence. All very tired and jet lag for those who have come from afar, it’s an early night for the new arrivals but not so for the Technical Team, as more players arrive around midnight that need to be picked up at the airport. It’s been a long day!!

BGS 2016 Week 1. DAY 2. Presentations and polls.

Match play to inmerse ourselves fully in the activities of the BGS Campus and have a chance to see at first hand what shape everyone is in. We spend the morning on the courts and in training rooms at the Metropolitan Galileo Club, one of the best sports clubs in Barcelona. Presentation time and evaluations by the technical team. It’s time to really understand the possibilities and fitness of the players who have joined us for our first camp. In the afternoon, the official presentation of the BGS Campus by the Head Coach Víctor Montserrat accompanied by the CEO and Management Adrian Blakemore, with a presentation of the rest of the team as well. Players who have opted to take Spanish classes also receive their first lesson at 18:00 inside the Metropolitan.
The working day has finished, everyone returns to the residence for dinner and rest. ‘Action has begun!!

BGS 2016 Week 1. DAY 3. Squash in Metropolitan and Rocafort.

It’s Tuesday so in the morning we all head off for the Club Rocafort, one of the three facilities we are using to provide a variety of location and a change of courts, court work, technique and mobility for some and fitness work for others. The first tweaks and pains are given appropriate treatment … And in the afternoon more of the same in the Metropolitan. Back to the residence. Today everyone needs a deserved rest. The campers are getting more and more familiar with the Campus and their fellow campers. Good vibes flowing.

BGS 2016 Week 1. DAY 4. Tourism and running on the beach.

Today in the morning a chance to rest and see some of Barcelona; a walk around the Maremágnum Shopping Centre to do some sightseeing, gape at the size of the luxury yachts in the marina and take the opportunity to do a little shopping.
At midday we move to the Barcelona Swimming Club for lunch. Located on the beach front, the views from the dining room are spectacular and some of the best in Barcelona. On one side, the sea-water swimming pool with the 5 Star Wela Hotel only a stone’s throw away. On the other side, a wide view of the Barceloneta beach. In the afternoon, more squash for everyone and running along the beach for others. Once training is finished, we enjoy the beach and pool. Back to the residence, dinner and rest.

BGS 2016 Week 1. 5th DAY. Rocafort and Metropolitan

Today we repeat Tuesday’s planning: morning at the Rocafort and afternoon at the Metropolitan. Some of the older players are allowed to go out for dinner and they take off for Las Ramblas. They respect the schedule perfectly and are back at the Residence at 11pm, Head Coach and CEO are happy. This could be repeated.

BGS 2016 Week 1. DAY 6. Camp Nou and Swimming Club.

The group of foreign players enjoy a visit to the FC Barcelona stadium, Camp Nou. Visits to the ground, the museum, trophy room and of course the FCB Shop. For the rest, training at the Metropolitan. After lunch, we move to the Barcelona Swimming Club to continue training. Once again training includes running along the beach and final relaxation and fun in the pool. Another great day!!

BGS 2016 Week 1. Day 7. Tournaments.

It’s Saturday and it’s competition time. A tournament “all against all” is organized. The finalists are two of our foreign participants: Duncan Joyce, from Philadelphia and Tess Jutte from the Netherlands. Both players have been trained by our Head Coach Victor Montserrat. In the end, the American player wins the tournament in a highly disputed 2-0 result. In the afternoon a trip to the Shopping mall called La Maquinista. Everyone chills out and among other things, enjoy a few games bowling. ‘Dinner and rest, the week has been hard!!
Not everything has been perfect, but nothing has gone wrong. As the days have progressed, small imperfections have been improved and we expect the second week to go even better.

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