BGS International Summer Squash Camp

BGS International Summer Squash Camp 2016 Week 2

29th July 2016

BGS 2016 Week 2.

The second week begins at BGS INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SQUASH CAMP 2016. After the nerves and teething problems of the first week, the second is plain sailing. With some small changes here and there, this week the organization is easier although the logistics become more complicated due to new players arriving. But sleeves are rolled up and it’s business as usual.

Photo: Some players from week 2 at BGS International Summer Squash Camp at Port Aventura.
Herewith a short summary of the second week as it happened day by day.

BGS 2016 WEEK 2. DAY 1. New additions and beach day.

Early in the morning most of the group moves to Sitges. We take advantage of the wonderful weather that Barcelona offers in July and enjoy a great day at the beach. Part of the team has gone to the airport to pick up Julia and Elena who had left early the same morning from Santiago de Compostela, Spain; although tired, they are eager to join the rest of the group. We join up at the restaurant to have lunch and then the whole group returns to the beach. Laughter, games, sunbathing …. followed by a tour of the beautiful town of Sitges and after that, back to the residence. Tomorrow the courts await us again.

BGS 2016 WEEK 2 DAY 2. Squash and fitness training at the Metropolitan Club.

We start the week on a strong note. Court work at the Metropolitan Club in the morning and fitness in the afternoon. It’s back to routine after the well-deserved rest at the weekend.

BGS 2016 WEEK 2 DAY 3. Training in Rocafort and precautionary visit to the hospital.

In the morning we do fitness and court work at the Rocafort Club. From there we go for lunch to a local restaurant which offers homemade cooking and then move to the Metropolitan Club. More specific fitness work continues and this is when our youngest and smallest player receives a small blow to his head as he bumps into a fellow player. As a precaution, he is taken to A+E at the Teknon Hospital but everyone’s happy and smiling when they hear that it’s just a knock. Rest and supervision are the doctor’s orders.

BGS 2016 WEEK 2 DAY 4. Port Aventura, Squash and free afternoon.

A group of players who are here for the whole three weeks travel to Europe’s largest theme park Port Aventura to spend the day. Meanwhile, members of the team pick up Ivan Perez at the residence to take him to El Prat Airport. Like Nilo Vidal and Sofia Mateos, he is going to compete in the Dutch Junior Open 2016 (SS) in Rotterdam (Netherlands). In the meantime the other players continue training at the Metropolitan Club. In the afternoon, rest in the Barcelona Swimming Club. Dinner at the residence and to sleep.

BGS 2016 WEEK 2 DAY 5. Promotional Recording.

Today a professional photographer and film producer arrives who will live with us for the next two days. He will be filming activities to produce a promotional video of the Barcelona Global Squash Academy. Taking advantage of the on-going Campus, he also takes some shots to capture the essence of the Summer Camp. The locations used today are the Rocafort and Metropolitan Clubs. He also films the Spanish classes and the day to day life at the Residence.

BGS 2016 WEEK 2. DAY 6. Passeig de les Aigües, Club Natació Barcelona and Maremágnum.

Today the fitness training for some of the players takes them running through the mountains. The photographer who is producing our video travels with them to the Passeig de les Aigües where he takes some stunning pictures of the incredible panoramic views across Barcelona that this unique setting provides. In the afternoon filming continues but in the Club Natació Barcelona. The players have fun on the beach, at the pool, play beach volleyball, football, …. And to finish the day, eat a sandwich and walk to the emblematic shopping mall Maremágnum next to Barcelona’s magnificant port. We return to the residence to sleep and rest.

BGS 2016 WEEK 2. DAY 7. We end the W2 in the mall Splau.

In the morning the weekly tournament is held. In the afternoon, leisure time. We go to the mall Splau to have fun and do some shopping. As always, we spend the night in the residence. It was the last day of W2 at BGS International Summer Squash Camp. ¡¡Confidence is high and things are running well!!


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