BGS PERFORMANCE ACDEMY. Testimonies: Raghav Kumar (Tufts University, Boston) and Hojung Kim (University of Chicago).

Recently Barcelona Global Squash was visited by Hojung Kim and Raghav Kumar. Both are College Squash Association players from two prominent US universities. Hojung Kim is from The University of Chicago and Raghav Kumar from Tufts University, Boston. (more…)


BGS International Summer Camp 2016. Testimonies: Seif Elfiky (Canada / Egypt) Marta Latorre (Spain) and Tato Mancilla (Colombia)

Tato Mancilla did the three weeks of the BGS International Summer Squash Camp 2016. Marta Latorre did one week and had to leave us because of injury; and Seif Elfiky was on our Camp during the last week. After that, he did another week of a Personalised Program. (more…)


BGS International Summer Camp 2016. Testimony: Omar Elfiky (Egypt and Canada)

OMAR ELFIKY, 18 years old, from Egypt and Canada

Omar Elfiky, 18 years old, from Egypt but with double nationality and living in Canada, was on the BGS International Summer Squash Camp 2016 during the last of the 3 weeks. After that, he did a 1 week personalised program:

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BGS 2016 WEEK 3.

The week 3 of the summer camp gets off to a start; it’s the last week. Two new additions from the USA, join the group for the last week before doing a 1-week personalized program once the camp has finished. They are Morgan Steelman, GU19 nº 6 and Hannah Seckendorf, GU19 nº 18.

Photo: Week 3 and the last training and fitness sessions at the Metropolitan Galileo Club. (more…)