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Barcelona Global Squash runs International Junior Summer Camps every summer where we offer intensive in-depth technical and physical training to intermediate to advanced high performance junior players who are already training and competing in their own native countries at National and International levels. We provide the highest standards of squash tuition and instruction. Each year sees top juniors from all around the world in our summer camps coming from countries that have included USA, Serbia, Holland, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Spain, South Africa, and the UK.

The camps also provide programs with the same quality of tuition and instruction for junior players of other standards who are playing regulary and intensively but who have not so far reached a high performance level. The age groups for both categories range from 11 to 18.

In both cases optional activities include academia ( Spanish, English, French and Chinese language classes and SAT preparation for the American Universities ) as well as cultural and leisure activities that Barcelona and the surrounding area has to offer. These include excursions to Europe’s largest theme park Port Aventura, and the world’s first exclusive Sports Theme Park, Open Camp, offering more than 50 virtual experiences with links to every sport. Of course Barcelona is one of Europe’s most dynamic, smart and colourful cities as well as being an international landmark for global sport. It was the city that changed the course of the Olympics, and is the European city with the most practitioners of sport. It needs no introduction.

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Barcelona Camps


The world class squash coaching is directed by BGS Head Coach and Unsquashable Ambassador Victor Montserrat who was guided and instructed by the squash coaching legend Neil Harvey, exclusive coach for 10 consecutive years to World Champion Peter Nicol. Victor is supported by UNSQUASHABLE sponsored players and brand ambassadors, providing a simply balanced, inspiring and unforgettable experience and opportunity for accelerated learning.

Semana 3 and the last training and fitness sessions at the Metropolitan Galileo Club.

The top quality physical preparation is directed by Bet Consegal, presently working with BGS Pro Squash players, and other professional athletes. The Squash and Fitness and midday language classes are held in Barcelona’s prestigious Club Metropolitan, historically linked to major squash events in the city and to the PSA Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona. It is considered as one of Barcelona’s most prestigious Sports, Health and Wellness centres, a top class facility equipped with state-of-the art equipment allowing players to supplement their intensive training under Spain’s leading coach and Unsquashable ambassador, Víctor Montserrat; it offers work and exercising possibilities under the supervision of BGS Fitness Director Bet Consegal on multi-floor fitness centers with cross-fit routines, swimming pool workouts to help injury prevention, spinning sessions for high intensity cardio workouts and pilates classes for a challenging core workout, just to name a few. These top end facilities are backed up by even more specialised elite training state of the art centres like Novaelite Sports Performance Innovation that help to make the city a truly attractive city for athletes looking for the very best in sports training technology. Inaugurated by Rafa Nadal, this is one of two centres that offer unique state-of-the-art equipment and software for the very best of functional strength training and analysis for specific sports.

All the campers are accomodated in the new La Salle Residencia. This is situated in one of the exclusive areas of Barcelona and used by Barcelona Football Club for their summer camps. Campers share rooms, and the residency provides on-site catering. 2 camp adult monitors supervise the campers at all times and also stay at the residency to guarantee 24 x 7 supervision.

In terms of the squash and fitness content, the summer camps feature:

  • Excellent first class facilities at Barcelona’s prestigious Metropolitan.
  • Top class personalised coaching with the highest standard of tuition and instruction from Head Coach Victor Montserrat,  currently training some of the youngest players in the PSA Top 100.
  • Low 2:1 athlete-to-coach ratio.
  • Comprehensive drilling.
  • Technique / Stroke development.
  • Tactics.
  • Video analysis
  • Match play / evaluation.
  • Pro PSA Tour players.
  • Tournaments / individual competition.
  • Prizes and merchandising materials.
  • Sports Pschycology.
  • Conditioning players for squash specific movements.
  • Biomechaniccs.
  • Fitness with specific squash related work; stability based training, training of core, specific and global strength.
  • Education in terms of avoiding injury; warm up and cool down protocols.
  • Nutrition and nutritional habits.
  • A customised report with an assessment in order for players to continue their development after they have left BGS.
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Possible combinations:

  • Squash Training + Physical Preparation + Language + Cultural exploration via excursions, visits, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Squash Training + Physical Preparation + SAT + Cultural exploration via excursions, visits, outdoor activities, etc.

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