Brunswick School´s Squash Team with his Coah Jim Stephens and BGS staff.


18th May 2018


This past Christmas 2017 Barcelona Global Squash started their BGS Team Training Programs. The varsity team from the top US high school Brunswick Boys School was the first group to join us.


Brunswick squash has a distinguished history since squash officially became a varsity sport in 1973. Current coach Jim Stephens took over the program in 1984 and has led the team to some remarkable results. Jim was responsible for bringing his boys to Barcelona to participate in this BGS Team Training Program and was accompanied by assistant coach William Casertano.



After their intensive training in Barcelona and Manchester with the BGS team, the Brunswick Varsity “A” team won their third title in the US High School Nationals in Philadelphia and their 16th title at the New England Championships at Choate Rosemary. The positive feedback from coaches and players will encourage BGS to continue offering programs of this kind to schools and groups from the USA, UK, Southafrica, and the rest of the world.
Here below are the testimonials of some of the Brunswick participants in this first BGS Team Training Program:




This squash trip to Barcelona and Manchester in my opinion was the best squash trip I have taken. Besides the incredible coaching from Victor and his staff, it was amazing to train and see these great cities at the same time. I learned so much from Bet, the physio, who ran us through a 20 minute warm up and cool down after every single training session we did. She allowed us to push hard on the court and keep us from getting to sore or injured. Overall, everything about this trip was awesome and I recommend it to any squash player looking to have some fun, while also trying to take their game to the next level.


While I only was with BGS for 4 days, I really enjoyed my time there. BGS was a great way to improve my squash with world class coaches and players while learning about Spanish culture.


The immense attention to detail by the BGS staff turned a ‘training trip’ into an experience of a lifetime. From the first step in Barcelona, I knew this trip was going to be wildly successful because of the extra care that Adrian and Victor put into it. I know I’ll be back with the BGS family soon.




When my coach Jim Stephens approached me in June about the idea of our Varsity Squash Team going to Spain over winter break, my first thought was that I would never be so lucky to do such a thing. Yet, there we were, six months later, in the heart of La Rambla taking in the sights and sounds. As soon as we got on court in Barcelona, the entire team’s mindset shifted. We all knew it was a one of a kind opportunity and we were going to take full advantage of it. Coach Victor Montserrat and the BGS staff matched our intensity, the sessions were productive and efficient. It being my first time out the States I didn’t have much to compare it to, yet I got a great sense for the cities of Barcelona and Manchester. We were exposed to many different coaches such as: Victor (BGS), Matt Sidaway, Josh Taylor (England Squash), and Malcolm Willstrop (Pontefract). Being under the tutelage of many different coaches in a short period of time allowed me to gather advice from each of them and take away what I thought would best advance my game.


I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to play in Barcelona with BGS. Adrian, Victor, and the rest of the staff helped me improve so many different aspects of my game. Every training session was meaningful and as a team we saw some outstanding results. I look forward to someday working with BGS squash again.


Bgs helped the Brunswick squash team come together and bond as a team. Although we were only with them for four days, Victor, Bet, and the rest of the staff succeeded in making the whole team better. They made us feel like we were training to be pros, from the 20 minute warmups and cool downs to the healthy food to the tough sessions. Adrian, victor, and the rest of the staff helped us find our strengths and invigorate our weaknesses. It was an incredible trip and I can’t wait to go back.




The Barcelona Global Squash trip this past winter break was a great experience. Besides gaining an immense amount of knowledge about the culture of Barcelona, I improved my squash game greatly. The pros and trainers treated us like professional athletes and taught us the small things that made the whole difference in everyone’s game. I look forward to going back again.


Our trip to Barcelona and Manchester this winter with BGS was a really great experience which definitely took my game to a new level.  It was nice to spend time with team mates as well as training hard in a place as interesting as Barcelona.  Overall, an amazing experience and definitely a factor in our success at nationals for all of our players.


In our trip to Barcelona, our team was able to see the city of Barcelona while getting some of the best training of our lives with Head Coach Victor Monserrat. We also learned a lot about the importance of warm ups and cool downs from the physio Bet. Overall this was one of the coolest squash trips of my life.

P. Henderson- PK Keller.



This past winter break, Barcelona Global squash helped us greatly improve our squash skills and bond as a team. The care and attention to detail by Victor, Adrian, Bet, and the rest of the BGS staff helped our team reach its goal of winning the national championship. Even though we only spent 4 days in Barcelona, the lessons we learned continue to help us sharpen our skills today.


Our trip to Barcelona was an amazing experience, which garnered positives all around. The coaching was great and living in Barcelona was awesome. The trip was a great bonding experience for the team as well. BGS was definitely an influential part of our success this year at Nationals.



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