BGS_International_Junior_Summer_Camps_2017. Testimonials.


Barcelona Global Squash started their BGS International Junior Summer Camps 2017 at the end of June. A group of eleven young players completed the first group to join us for our first 2017 Summer Camp. For the second Camp, nine boys and girls joined us from many different countries and the last one was filled up with twelve young international juniors. Continue reading BGS INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR SUMMER CAMPS 2017.


BGS International Summer Camp 2016. Testimonies: Seif Elfiky (Canada / Egypt) Marta Latorre (Spain) and Tato Mancilla (Colombia)

Tato Mancilla did the three weeks of the BGS International Summer Squash Camp 2016. Marta Latorre did one week and had to leave us because of injury; and Seif Elfiky was on our Camp during the last week. After that, he did another week of a Personalised Program. Continue reading Seif Elfiky – Marta Latorre – Tato Mancilla.


BGS International Summer Camp 2016. Testimony: Omar Elfiky (Egypt and Canada)

OMAR ELFIKY, 18 years old, from Egypt and Canada

Omar Elfiky, 18 years old, from Egypt but with double nationality and living in Canada, was on the BGS International Summer Squash Camp 2016 during the last of the 3 weeks. After that, he did a 1 week personalised program:
Continue reading OMAR ELFIKY: Testimony

Claudio Pinto. Training in BGS.

“My name is Claudio Pinto and I am a Portuguese professional squash player.
At this moment I am simultaneously finishing my academic activities in Porto, Portugal and striving every day to improve my squash.
In this sense, I recently went to Barcelona to train with Víctor Montserrat at BGS and after an intense and super professional week of squash, I was immediately convinced that my future in the short term means working with him.
Professionalism, super effective method, motivator and a contagious passion for squash, are more than enough reasons to convince everyone.”


Portuguese Men’s Nº 1. 222 PSA.

DUNCAN JOYCE. Training in BGS.

I travelled to Barcelona in the summer of 2015 to study Spanish and play squash with  Víctor Montserrat. Out of all the Spanish studying I have done in Spain, this was by far my best and most successful experience. I was able to play squash with some of the best players in all of Spain, who all train under Victor, and was able to live and hangout with his family. After just 2 weeks, I left with a huge increase in my level of speaking Spanish, and learned a lot from Victor on the squash court. I had a great time and can’t wait to go back!.”

Ranking: Nº1 U17 USA.