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Barcelona Global Squash jumpstarts onto the scene in the summer of 2016 thanks to the vision of Víctor Montserrat and Adrian Blakemore and their desire to offer high quality, fun and culturally enriching camps to young, high level squash players from around the world; and all in one of the world’s best known and vibrant cities, Barcelona.

Barcelona Global Squash offers advanced junior players a unique and opportunity to enjoy intensive, top quality squash training along with the opportunity to learn and improve their Spanish language or prepare for the American SAT exams.

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Barcelona Global Squash has chosen DecoaSports Academy as its partner for the running of the Spanish language camp. As an integral part of the National Tennis Federation since 1989, DecoaSport has been responsible for all the academic and language teaching of the federation’s young high-performance tennis players, preparing them for the American College / University system and for the pursuit of American University Sports Scholarships.

Their experience in teaching all mainstream subjects to high performance athletes, as well as SAT preparation, makes them the ideal team to take responsibility for providing top-class Spanish or English language classes to our Barcelona Global Squash campers. All classes are taught by native speakers who are also experienced high school teachers.



BGS Director of Studies

“We provide language and academic studies to athletes who are training in high performance sports programmes”.



The staff at DecoaSports Academy have the skills and experience to offer:

Modern Languages Classes

They mainly give Spanish and English classes but can also offer tuition in other modern languages (e.g. French, Catalan) and prepare students for official language examinations (DELE, First Certificate, Proficiency) or American university entrance tests (SAT, TOEFL, GED).

SAT-I, SAT-II, TOEFL and GED Classes

Classes are taught in small groups of usually three to five students. Although teachers explain the basic theory needed to complete the different exams, the classes are focused on specific test preparation which involves timed maths, vocabulary, reading, and / or writing and speaking exercises.


“Time is an important factor in these tests so the main goal is to cover techniques and skills to help the studentes improve their speed and performance”.


The Spanish Language Summer Camp is organised so that students will gradually acquire the ability to understand and express themselves in the new language in both speaking and writing.

During their 2 week stay, students will attend formal class 1.5 hours a day and have 3 hours a day of conversational practice in the evenings, while shopping, going on excursions, preparing supper, etc. At the weekend they will go on cultural/fun trips accompanied by a native teacher and/or native Spanish players and coaches to enable a full immersion language experience.  A full 8 hour day of complete immersion language experience.

Classes will be taught by native teachers with a wide experience of giving classes to secondary school students.

Their teaching staff have been working with high performance tennis players since 2000 which has given them great flexibility and adaptability to athlete’s specific needs and training / tournament schedules.

They also have been teaching Spanish Language in the US high school system, and therefore know which linguistic areas can be strengthened and complemented.

Special emphasis will be put on oral expression:


“Spanish will be the vehicular language in the classroom, and thanks to the small groups, students will have the opportunity to participate and use the language actively during each class period”.

Teachers will follow a textbook and complement it with extra material. A reading book of short stories will also be selected; students will work on reading aloud for pronunciation, comprehension and grammar questions, and comment on the stories in organised discussions.

Classes will be dynamic and very participative so students can really improve their knowledge of the language and gain confidence to use it during their daily routine. This will be reinforced during the outdoor activities supervised by one of their teachers. These will include city shopping trips, museum visits, sightseeing, meals at the residence and field-trips during the weekends.

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The camp will have a maximum eighteen, and will be accommodated in a new and modern student residence situated in one of the up-market areas of Barcelona (Bonanova). Barcelona Football Club use this residence to accommodate their campers during their summer stage. It provides wonderful accomodation in beautiful surroundings, on-site catering and on-site sports facilities. We fully understand the concerns that parents have about safety and supervision, each group will be 24 hour supervised by two adult monitors.


Campers will spend their daytime immersed in court and fitness activities in combination with both formal and informal Spanish language classes, with opportunities to chill out at midday in the swimming pool on hand.
In the evenings and weekends, specific activities designed to stimulate teambuilding and social skills will be organised, offering campers the opportunity to visit emblematic parts of Barcelona, enjoy typical Catalan cuisine, and at weekends, participate in camp activities like go-carting, visiting the world-famous theme park Port Aventura this unique theme park, now a holiday resort in itself, and with one of Europe’s best water parks, is only 1 hour from Barcelona centre. It boasts Europe’s tallest free fall slide and tallest roller coaster (76 meters): the Shambhala.
Trips to the sandy white beaches of the Costa Brava, visits to some of the city’s many cultural venues, etc.


“We believe in balance; the squash training is professional and intense, and designed to be an opportunity and a small part of a structured pathway in elite development, but our aim is to ensure that campers enjoy their time off-court with active participation in many outdoor activities and cultural excursions”.

Víctor Montserrat and Adrian Blakemore, as well as being Head Coach and CEO of BGS, are both fathers and fully aware that safety is of paramount importance. Both of them supervise all daytime and night-time activities to ensure that our campers have the safest possible experience. At the same time campers are expected to maintain a high level of individual responsibility and mutual respect.

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Barcelona Global Squash has chosen one of Barcelona’s and Spain’s most prestigious sports and wellness centres, CLUB METROPOLITAN, as its venue for their summer camps. Its high quality facilities make this an ideal and unique setting for our campers who will have full access to the club’s installations which include swimming pool, 3 glass back squash courts, one with seating capacity for 200 spectators, 2 fully equipped gymnasiums, and a restaurant. Our campers will have full catering services provided by the club’s restaurant which offers suitable Mediterranean cuisine for sports players. Video.

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