Who are I-ConSports?

I-ConSports was founded in Barcelona in 2003 by Marc Becker and Alexandra Costa with the addition of Rafa Nadal’s manager Carlos Costa as a partner. It’s goal is to help athletes in the complex and competitive process of attending universities in USA with athletic scholarships. Both Marc and Alexandra studied and competed in an American College by means of a sports scholarship. Their unique experience encouraged them to set up I-ConSports in 2003 with the aim of offering a similar experience to international student-athletes. I-ConSports has an international professional team with a vast experience in the sports and educational field. They offer a high quality personalised service to each and every student-athlete known as the I-Con difference.

Carlos Costa, Rafa Nadal and Marc Becker.

How does I-ConSports assist players?

I-ConSports works with athletes from around the world in any sport that is offered by universities in the USA. It works closely with the Rafa Nadal Academy and Rafa Nadal Foundation. The new collaboration with Barcelona Global Squash will offer international squash athletes the opportunity to study a university degree with the help of a squash scholarship and/or financial aid to compete at the highest level by being part of a collegiate athletic program.The combination of high performance varsity sport together with a university degree in the USA, in addition to the personal development acquired through living with fellow student-athletes from all over the world, makes a difference in the people that have the privilege of living this adventure, giving them the tools to be the leaders of tomorrow. Now that various top US colleges are offering 100% SQUASH SCHOLARSHIPS, i-ConSports now works with international junior squash players who are looking for the opportunity to continue their high performance sports development and in parallel continue with their academic studies in an American college.

Universities in USA.

How does BGS colaborate with I-ConSports?

The collaboration with I-ConSports will permit BGS to identify potential late junior players who have aspirations to study in the USA and continue their squash and athletic development within the ever increasingly competitive American College Squash Association; The BGS Performance Academy is responsible for the squash / sports development of the players during a GAP year (something encouraged by many coaches), is responsible for improving their game and their athletic value to the college. I-ConSports has a proven track record of obtaining improvements on initial offers made by colleges based on the student-athlete’s improved athletic performance achieved during a GAP year before arriving at college for their freshman year. BGS is one of very few options available for top late junior players to take their game forward into the PSA Professional World Tour and/or prepare for American College Squash, offering opportunities to train IN a professional environment and WITH professionals. Meanwhile our partner i-ConSports is responsible for ALL the process including academic preparation as well as administration support that the student-athlete requires to obtain a scholarship.

Contact BGS and I-ConSports.

If the college option is something you are interested in exploring but at the same time you want to keep your options open for competing on the PSA World Tour, then BGS is certainly one of the better options within Europe and the one that can prepare you for both. For more information contact Adrian Blakemore, CEO of Barcelona Global Squash at


BGS PERFORMANCE ACDEMY. Testimonies: Raghav Kumar (Tufts University, Boston) and Hojung Kim (University of Chicago).

Recently Barcelona Global Squash was visited by Hojung Kim and Raghav Kumar. Both are College Squash Association players from two prominent US universities. Hojung Kim is from The University of Chicago and Raghav Kumar from Tufts University, Boston. Continue reading RAGHAV KUMAR and HOJUNG KIM: TESTIMONIES

BGS International Summer Squash Camp 2016 Week 2

BGS 2016 Week 2.

The second week begins at BGS INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SQUASH CAMP 2016. After the nerves and teething problems of the first week, the second is plain sailing. With some small changes here and there, this week the organization is easier although the logistics become more complicated due to new players arriving. But sleeves are rolled up and it’s business as usual.
Continue reading BGS International Summer Squash Camp 2016 Week 2

BGS 2016 Week 1

BGS 2016 Week 1: International Summer Squash Camp. Barcelona Global Squash Academy has completed the first week of its first International Summer Camp. Seven days full of nerves and novelties for everyone. Long, intensive days squash and fitness training, opportunities to get to know new players, trips to see and discover Barcelona and its surroundings and to enjoy this wonderful city that offers: sun, beaches, fun, culture…

Photo: Members of the Campus on the first day of the second week. Missing from the image, Edmon Lopez, injured, Dani Pascual, on his day off and Cris Santamaria, taking the picture. Continue reading BGS 2016 International Summer Squash Camp. Week 1.

Claudio Pinto. Training in BGS.

“My name is Claudio Pinto and I am a Portuguese professional squash player.
At this moment I am simultaneously finishing my academic activities in Porto, Portugal and striving every day to improve my squash.
In this sense, I recently went to Barcelona to train with Víctor Montserrat at BGS and after an intense and super professional week of squash, I was immediately convinced that my future in the short term means working with him.
Professionalism, super effective method, motivator and a contagious passion for squash, are more than enough reasons to convince everyone.”


Portuguese Men’s Nº 1. 222 PSA.

DUNCAN JOYCE. Training in BGS.

I travelled to Barcelona in the summer of 2015 to study Spanish and play squash with  Víctor Montserrat. Out of all the Spanish studying I have done in Spain, this was by far my best and most successful experience. I was able to play squash with some of the best players in all of Spain, who all train under Victor, and was able to live and hangout with his family. After just 2 weeks, I left with a huge increase in my level of speaking Spanish, and learned a lot from Victor on the squash court. I had a great time and can’t wait to go back!.”

Ranking: Nº1 U17 USA.