What sporting events are held in Spain?

The Spaniards are an active nation. Despite the fact that they have a lot of sweets in their diet, and they love croissants with coffee, and their dinner usually starts at 10 pm, they look very fit and are always ready for the beach season. In addition, according to official statistics, the average life expectancy in Barcelona for men is 80 years, for women – 86.2.

Physical activity in Spain is widely popularized. International competitions are organized here and various sports events are held throughout the year in all parts of the city. Different physical activities are supported at the state level, and all upcoming events can be found on the website of the city administration. For example, the marathon in the Sagrada Família area, “Festa Major Sagrada Família”: Milla Sagrada Família, in which all joggers will take part, as well as the best runners in Catalonia, Spain and the world – Marrta Dominguez, Juan Carlos Higeuro, Edith Masai, William Tannuy, Belal Mansor, John Mayock, etc.

What outdoor sports activities are held?

The parks host free outdoor activities throughout the year, such as tai chi, qigong, walks, and memory exercises. The wellness program of such events is carried out under the name “Activate”. This is the name of a health exercise program practiced outdoors, namely in various parks and gardens in Barcelona. The program aims to encourage physical exercise for health care and well-being, to maintain an active psychological and social environment, and to reduce the risk of disease while enjoying the city’s green spaces.

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If you have a need to do some exercises, Glorias has playgrounds equipped for playing ping-pong, volleyball, and basketball. Square Glóries (Plaza de las Glorias Catalanas), which is located next to the entrance to the metro line L1 Glóries and the shopping center of the same name, has a special place for sports. There are 2 mini-fields for athletics practice, basketball courts, table tennis tables – a space designed to get in shape. All of these can also be used for free. Just show your ID and choose the activity you like. And there are more such venues in Barcelona every year.

What helps the people of Barcelona to be long-lived and keep fit?

The vast majority of Barcelona citizens go to different clubs, go cycling and just run, at any convenient time of the day, from the young age to those who are over 60. Many tourists, visiting sporting goods stores in Barcelona, ​​can observe how older people choose their uniforms there for running. Although the retirement age in Barcelona and Catalonia as a whole starts at 65 years old, physically pensioners in Barcelona look very strong and much younger than their years, and this is largely due to sports and medicine. People in Barcelona, who don’t like jogging, spend their time playing squash. But it is simply impossible to imagine that pensioners are at home all day.

Everyone knows that Barcelona is simply obsessed with football. Everyone plays it – professionals and amateurs. Water activities are also in demand. Spaniards surf, sky surf, row, dive, and just swim. Climate also contributes to the development of sports habits and the climate itself, when you can do sports in the fresh air, ride a bike and run.

Barcelona is such a well-organized city, with green parks, embankments and branched sports grounds, municipal and private gyms and swimming pools, that it is not difficult to develop your sports habits here, they appear by themselves and bring you benefit and pleasure.

How did squash gain popularity in Spain?

Squash is a racket sport popularized and practiced in Spain by the political class and even by the previous King, from the 70s, which is practiced with two players and a rubber ball, which can have different degrees of speed. This is why it is identified by the color of the ball.
Squash is always about avoiding hits with the ball or the racket to the opponent, so whenever there is the possibility of hitting the opponent. When the intervention of the squash player who could be hit is decisive on the point the judge gives a stroke, the point is awarded to the player who asked for the let.

Squash players hit the ball with their rackets by bouncing it off the front wall of the court. The ball can bounce off all the walls as many times as necessary and in any order, as long as it hits the front wall, but it can only bounce off the ground once before it is considered a point for the opponent.

What is special about squash?

Unlike badminton, squash has never been an Olympic discipline. After being left out of the Tokyo 2020 Games by a single vote, the national and international associations are pressing to fulfill the Olympic dream in Paris 2024. Turning squash into an Olympic discipline would mean a real revolution for this sport and would increase the aid squash receives from the Higher Sports Council. For now, squash seeks to take advantage of the international success of racquetball and continue gaining followers in Spain.

Squash is a discipline that has traditionally been very successful among veteran players. However, some regional federations in Spain seek to promote its practice among the little ones, installing removable courts in schools.
At a competitive level squash is a sport with little parity, since 85% of the licenses are male. Enthusiasts in Spain consider that, as squash is a fast sport in which many calories are burned, many women practice it only as a fitness.
However, Spanish authorities commissioned a study as part of the Sport and Women program to study the causes and attract more female audiences.