Padel tennis (the game is often called that way and in many ways similar to the American Paddle-Tennis) was proposed in 1969 by the Mexican Enrique Conquera. The game has spread in Central and South America (for example, in Argentina it has become the second most popular sport in the country, with more than 2 million players and 10,000 playgrounds), as well as in Europe (the first European country was Spain, 1974).

What are the pros and cons of the game?

Firstly, the game allows you to train all muscle groups. Secondly, metabolic processes improve, and extra calories are burned. This promotes weight loss. Thirdly, like any sports activity, the game has a good effect on the heart and blood vessels: the tone increases, the ventilation of the lungs improves, and the blood is saturated with oxygen.
There are no downsides to the game. It should only be noted that it is very dynamic and requires good physical fitness and endurance. Therefore, it can harm those who suffer from heart failure or hypertension.

The best squash centers in Barcelona

Fairplay Padel Club

There are many places to play padel tennis in Barcelona. Behind the green of Montjuïc is the Fairplay Padel Club, offering eight stunning courts where players can attend classes, leagues, events and tournaments. Book a court online, sign up for a sports school or private lessons.
Club Natació Atlétic-Barceloneta
Play padel right on the Barcelona beach at Club Natació Atlétic-Barceloneta! Offering four pristine courts, this is the perfect place to compete in a friendly game while enjoying the ocean breeze. Buy a day ticket for €12.53 or purchase a monthly membership for €42.41!

Club Tennis De La Salut

In addition to tennis, Club Tennis De La Salut also offers 9 courts for this activity. This company offers lessons for both children and adults and has padel league teams. Moreover, this company offers fitness classes such as pilates, yoga, zumba, and cycling, as well as several restaurants for post-workout meals or snacks.

Club Esportiu Laietà

Its goal is to encourage players to be enthusiastic, whether it’s ice hockey, tennis, basketball, football or padel! It values ​​teamwork and positive thoughts, which are important qualities when learning and playing on one of the 11 courts. Enjoy a quick match before taking a dip in the pool or relaxing in the sauna.

Padel Barcelona El Prat

Here the club offers classes for all ages and skill sets. Classes are taught by qualified teachers whose goal is to help improve the academic performance of each of their students. It is an ideal venue for events for companies and large groups. You will never get bored at this club with a large outdoor terrace, as well as an indoor restaurant and many social events.