Squash has only recently begun to expand beyond private clubs, British boys’ schools and elite courts. Legends still make up the origin of this sport, with each being more exciting than the other. According to one of them, the sport appeared in the 1830s by accident: the students of the closed school for boys at Harrow, near London, were bored waiting for a free ball court – the prototype of modern tennis. Since there were no courts, they spent the time bouncing the ball off the walls. This is how this discipline was born: a fast-paced sport with a ball that bounces off a wall while squeezing hard.

According to another legend, the aristocrats who ended up in British debt prisons had nothing to do with themselves. There were no courts at the end of the 18th century, and the aristocratic habit of running after the ball with a racket has not gone away. In any case, the appearance of squash is inextricably related to the British aristocracy. Most likely, the game has many origins, and both legends are true in their own way.

Some benefits of squash in Spain

There are plenty of sports that offer the opportunity to get in shape while communicating. Squash offers to develop speed, strength, and reaction, along the way making useful acquaintances. Training takes no more than an hour and takes place in an air-conditioned room, and in good weather – on the street, or on the beaches of Spain. The rules are simple and clear, and you can play it together with a coach.
Today in Spain thousands of square meters of new courts are being built, and this is no coincidence. In Spain, the courts are more accessible, the cost of training is lower, and the effect on fitness and general health is the same as in tennis. It develops speed, reaction, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and burns fat – almost a thousand calories are consumed in an hour of play.

Where to play squash in Spain?

If you are a fan or you are thinking of practicing squash, there are many places in Spain to practice it in the most comfortable way in the best facilities in the city.

It is one of the most traditional racket sports in Spain since it has multiple benefits for the body, helping to improve physical ability. In addition, it has a social component, especially in Barcelona, where all people are friendly and love to communicate during every activity.
There are many sports clubs in big cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona, they have regulatory squash courts, made with quality materials so that the player can practice in the best conditions.

If you want to play squash in the big Spanish cities, you can easily surf the Internet and find many clubs and choose the one that best suits your needs.